Accounting services in Almaty (Kazakhstan)

from Accounting company Kamerir

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The most common question we have been asked by the phone: "How much are your accounting services?" In fact - it is the same as asking: "How much does a plane ticket?" Without mentioning the route, the class, the age of a passenger...

In reality, in order to pre-determine the cost of accounting services we have to be at least aware of the following criteria:

  • The taxation mode;
  • Weather the company is the VAT, land tax, property tax, transport and other taxes payer;
  • Number of employees - local citizens / foreigners;
  • Number of incoming / outgoing invoices / month;
  • The number of counterparts;
  • The commodity Nomenclature;
  • Number of fixed assets;
  • The number of accounts;
  • Export / import transactions, including with the countries of the Customs Union;
  • The need for communication and reporting in English.

But that's not all.

Under otherwise equal conditions, the final cost can be defined just after all the details of the interaction will be discussed. Since the time tracking accountants shows that the time spent for the companies with the similar profiles can differ significantly. Especially the difference is significant between Kazakhstani companies and the companies controlled by foreigners.